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Annotation objects in Visual C++

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Good Morning! 

I have a small problem when using annotation objects in VC++. I am creating

the objects using the information provided in Q1371016 "How to use

Annotation Objects in VC++). I want to be able to use GetExtension and

RemoveExtension. So using the example provided in the Chart 98 Help File,

and use the following code:

IAnnListPtr pAnnList;

try {

pAnnList = chartfx->GetExtension("AnnotateX.AnnList");


catch (...){}

The GetExtension call will always throw an exception. The RemoveExtension

call does the same thing. I tried using the code:


pAnnList = chartfx->GetExtension((IUnknown *)pAnnList2);

but this gives me an error while compiling (which I can't seem to get by).

I want to be able to just GetExtension and RemoveExtension. How can I do


Thank you in advance.


Josh Eanes

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