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Errors after getting chart title.

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I'm getting fatal errors when I read the chart title in and out of the chart 

object. Given the following (VC6) code fragement:

// Begin

CString _strGraphTitle;

IChartFXPtr _pChartFX;


_pChartFX->PutTitle(CHART_TOPTIT, "First Title");

_strGraphTitle = _pChartFX->GetTitle(CHART_TOPTIT);

ASSERT( _strGraphTitle == "First Title" );

_pChartFX->PutTitle(CHART_TOPTIT, "Second title");

// End

Everything works fine until the second call to PutTitle(), which generates

"Debug Error R6025 - pure virtual function call."

I can make as many calls to PutTitle() before the GetTitle() as I want, but

as soon as I make the first call to GetTitle(), my smartpointer seems to

somehow be releasing the object, causing the next PutTitle() call to die.

Can anyone explain this to me?



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