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Re: URGENT: Chartfx 3.0 to Chartfx 98 .cht xy plot import - X Axis Step value beingignored?

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Hi Frank, 

Could you please clarify? I have tried to manually set the step property

both before and after data is loaded, but the chart does not respond. The

library IS automatically calculating the step value for the x axis as 2,

regardless of the max values sent for the chart. When I check the properties

menu at runtime, the box on the Axis tab for setting the step value at

runtime is greyed out. This behaviour occurs when you load the old quad

template. I have also tried setting the axis autoscale to false and using

the ResetScale method. Help! Thanks in advance,


Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> The STEP setting is not saved inside the .CHT file. By default, the X-Axis

> step is 0 which means that the library will calculate it automatically.


> can manually set this step to any other value (e.g. 1) to fix the step.


> Frank



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