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Bridging hidden data points

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I'm using ChartFX98 to graph some data that doesn't have a constant 

time step. That is, the datapoints have timestamps that are not

evenly spaced.

I want this data to be graphed onto a constant time scale AND for them

to be connected (ala a line graph).

Here's what I've got so far:

Using a LINES type chart and a one second time-step, I create enough

points in the chart to cover the time range of the data to be graphed.

I then put the data in the chart at the indexes that had matching

timestamps, and hid all the other datapoints.

This puts the data onto a constant time scale, but only adjacent (in

the ValueEx array) data points have connecting lines between them.

Is there a way to connect the visible data points? Better yet, is

there a more appropriate approach to this problem?

-Edward Evans

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