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RE: Floating Bars, YValue/YFrom

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Please note that in the second option YFrom is greater than YValue. 

If your question was related to the order of the statements then the answer is they can be set in any order.


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Conversation: Floating Bars, YValue/YFrom

Subject: Floating Bars, YValue/YFrom

I have a series with one dataset to display Y = 2 to -6

I read the YFrom Remarks and would like to know if, in the case of a bar crossing zero, does it make a difference which way I state the Yvalue and YFrom?

objChart1.Series(j).YValue(i) = 2.0



objChart1.Series(j).Yvalue(i) = -6.5


Either way makes the chart and "satisfies" the requirement of YFrom < YValue.



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