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Re: Assigning Legend Labels

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Francisco Padron wrote in message ... 

>1) What's nSerie ? How many series are in this chart ? You may be going out

>of range when you do:


>ICfxSeriesPtr pSerie = m_pChartFX->Series->Item[nSerie+i];

nSerie ranges to about 20 (max) and the total number of series is (nSerie*3

+ 2). What is the maximum number of series?

>2) Are you creating another control in another dialog or in the same dialog

>? if in the same dialog make sure you specify a diferent ID for each one.

I'm creating a new control in another dialogbox, so there is no conflicts of


Meanwhile the problem is solved:

I changed the way I passed my license string from :

static const BSTR g_ChartFX_License = _bstr_t("aa <<removed>> gy");


#define g_ChartFX_License ((BSTR)L"aa <<removed>> gy")

and now the setting of the legend labels and the ability to open the chart

multiple times work ok. I do not understand it but it works and I can


doing my work.

Do you have an explanation for the described behaviour?


Rob Ursem

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