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Re: Question about manipulating Annotation Objects

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Thank-you for the quick reply! 

I got my first issue to work, but I am still confused on the second one.

I assume that I have to get the font from the IAnnText object like so:

IFontDisp* font_disp;

font_disp = label->GetFont();

Once I do this though, how can I modify that attributies of the object? Do

I have to cast it to an IFont object? Or is there another way to manipulate

it that I am just not seeing?

Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> 1) Make sure the object is not ATTACHED. You can call the Attach method to

> un-attach it.


> 2) The IAnnText object has a Font property (putref_Font method).


> Frank



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