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Re: Multiple chart saves to same file.

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I talked to Frank and he let me know that the template FMASK_TOOLS flag was 

the cause of my problem. This flag is only supported in the OLE Document

Format. Once the flag was taken out there was no problem at all with saving

the chart!

Thanks Frank...



Josh Eanes <JoshEanes@bihrle.com> wrote in message


> Good morning!


> Sorry to have taken a while to get back to you...


> Attached to the first message in this string is my test application in


> 6.0. If you perform the following steps with it you can see what I mean:


> 1. Open app.

> 2. Click Save. The charts are now saved to a temp file.

> 3. Change a chart property. Anything will do (usually I change the chart

> to 2D and the style to lines).

> 4. Click Save again. The charts are saved to the exact same file.

> 5. Click Load. Once done, the charts loaded after the one you have


> will have titles and properties changed to bad values.


> For a further example of this, I have included a video capture of the test

> application in operation.


> Thanks for the help!


> --

> Josh Eanes



> Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message

> news:DE0379D14694D211B4CE00609770710D0358AF@sftfx-221.wamnet.net...

> > Passing a file handle is also a way to save multiple charts in one file.

> >

> > The fact that the chart changes between a save and a load, shouldn't


> > any difference. Please contact us at tech. support and provide details


> > your application. An snippet of the code that saves and load will be

> > helpful.

> >

> > Frank

> > SFX

> >






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