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Re: Bug with floating legend box

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I'm experiencing another problem with floating legends (and other floating 

objects, i.e. the Data Editor).

When a legend box or other object is floating, and you set the .Left and

.Top properties of the SerLegendBoxObj, and then immediately retrieve them,

the values that are returned are different from the values you just set.

The VB6 program attached will reproduce this behavior.

The .Left and .Top properties work fine if the legend is fixed, rather than

floating (which isn't an option for the Data Editor object).


Joel Dolisy <JDolisy@Bindview.com> wrote in message


> When a legend box is floating, it's possible to resize it in a "negative

> direction". For instance if you drag the bottom of the box toward the top


> the box, you can pass it and go above it. The box then become dark gray,


> as soon as you release the mouse button, you can't select to legend


> One only way to retrieve it is to disable/enable the legend box from the

> toolbar.

> Is there any fix for this problem ?


> Thanks,


> Joel



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