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Re: Question about assigning MaxValues to Real Time Chart

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When CT_EVENSPACING is on (usual in Real-Time charts), each point measures 

exactly the same. If, for instance, you have a chart with 400 points, and

the chart size is 300 pixels, each point will take one (1) pixel and the

rest (100) will be assigned to the margin.

In a chart like this, you can not have more points than pixels.

The reason for this is performance. When CT_EVENSPACING the chart will

scroll faster as it only has to redraw the new points that come into view

and "move" the picture of the others over to the left or right.

If you don't want to have this limitation, don't use CT_EVENSPACING. Your

charts will scroll slower and you may see more flickering. To avoid

flickering you can use the COD_SMOOTH flag (CloseData).



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