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Hi Stefano, 

we did not have the problems you are encountering, but had crashes when


the annotation extension - notibly when trying to access properties of the

annotation object in the VB debugger window.

We also encountered problems with the local settings of Windows. There seems

to be a problem when the local setting for the decimal separator is anything


but the original dot ("."). You are possibly using a localized Windows

(forse italiano ??)

So: Try to nail the problem down by changing the locale settings to english

standard and by looking at the annotations (if used).

Sorry, no more ideas right now


Stefano Corradi schrieb in Nachricht ...

>We have Chartfx'98 applied in a VB6 environment 95% of the time it is OK.

>Unfortunately sometimes the application crashes with an application error

>(Dr. Watson) with all the annoying consequences. It is not possible to

>identify exactly when it happens but it is always when we use the ChartFx

>properties dialog (the one with the four tabs). It happens most of the time

>on Windows'98 but occasionally also on NT 4. All the operating systems have

>the latest service packs installed.


>Is there any advice from somebody or similar experiences? There is some

>urgency in this request since we are planning to release the software next

>week. Thanks for any help



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