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Re: Chart GetAxisLabel Event

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Thanks for the reply, 

I am also having trouble understanding how the GetAxisLabel event affects

the mouse. This is my situation:

I am using the following chart events:

- InternalCommand

- UserCommand

- LButtonDown

- LButtonUp

- GetTip

- MouseMoving

- GetAxisLabel

Only in the GetAxisLabel event I am doing *nRes = 1;

In all other event I am not returning a value.

The only reason I am returning *nRes = 1 in the GetAxisLabel event is that

if I don't I get rubbish characters at the end of the new text I have added

to the label and if I set *nRes = 1 these rubbish characters dissapear. As

a result of me setting this the zoom functionality is not as responsive as

it normally is. Realistically, if there is another way of removing these

rubbish characters then I will not have to set *nRes = 1 anymore and my

problem would dissappear.

I am running patch and all my development is in ATL.

I hope this is enough information to help find the solution.


Frank Cammaroto

Francisco Padron wrote in message ...

>You need no assign nRes = 1. I don't understand how the GetAxisLabel event

>can affect the mouse clicks.


>Please explain.





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