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Question about creating chart using CreateWnd

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Good morning! 

I am trying to create a chart fx floating window. I use the example in the

help files- it works perfectly on my machine.

But some of my users are getting an error when

m_pChartFX->CreateWnd((long)this->m_hWnd, IDC_CHART1, rc.left, rc.top,

(rc.right- rc.left), (rc.bottom - rc.top),


is called. The floating window is derived from a CWnd object and calls the

chart fx CreateWnd call in its OnCreate call. On my machine, this works

perfectly. On the User's machine the CreateWnd call errors out and throws a

fatal exception.

But if the user opens a chart fx object on a dialog box before trying to

open the floating window, and then tries to open window, it works perfectly

from then on.

Any help would be appreciated... Thank you.



Josh Eanes

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