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Disabling ChartFX Control

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I'm using ChartFX in my VC++/MFC app as follows:

m_ChartFXWnd.CreateControl(__uuidof(ChartFX), "", WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD,

m_ViewRect, m_pParentWnd, 1);

m_pChartFX = m_ChartFXWnd.GetControlUnknown();

The m_ChartFXWnd is in turn imbedded in a CView. I'd like to disable the

m_ChartFXWnd and let the parent CView handle all messages until such time

that I "enable" the embedded m_ChartFXWnd.

I've tried to disable the m_ChartFXWnd via:


but the underlying m_pChartFX control is still grabbing the messages.

How do I disable the control itself?


Craig Murray

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