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Re: Multiple chart saves to same file.

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I don't understand you.  Why do you need to get into IStorage to save Chart 

FX files?

I am trying to write multiple Chart objects to a single file. I want to be

able to read these multiple Charts back into my application. According to

your documentation, it is possible to save charts to files using a file

handle created using "CreateFile". This works for one object and can also

work for multiple objects as long as they do not change at all. If the

objects change, then the charts are messed up. This does not affect all my

other data that I store in and around the Charts.

I looked at IStorage/IStream, etc. I do not see an easy way of using

IStorage/IStream to solve a problem which should be easy. According to your

documentation, this should be possible. How can I save multiple charts

within the same file using a normal HANDLE? An example of how to do this

without having Charts overwrite each other would be greatly appreciated.



Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> When you save a chart to a file, whatever was in that file will be lost.


> You can create a storage (OLE IStorage) file and use the Export method

> passing a diferent storage for each chart .


> Frank



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