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Multiple chart saves to same file.

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Good afternoon! 

I was wondering if you could help me with a interesting problem. I have an

application that displays multiple Chart FX projects on the same screen.

Once the User closes the screen, the chart objects are saved to a file

(using the export and filemask calls). here is the problem. When the User

changes a chart and then saves it, it seems to mess up all the other charts

that have been saved to the file. Since the file is recreated each time, I

am unsure of how this happens. For example, if I open my test app and click

"Save" it will save the charts to the file. If I click "Load" it will load

the charts into the dialog box. If I change a chart property (almost

anything like 3D to 2D or chart types or titles, etc), save it, and then

load it back in, the chart back in, it acts weird for the remaining charts

(putting garbage in titles and throwing First Chance Exceptions- Access


I have included my sample app that demonstrates this.


Joshua Eanes

Bihrle Applied Research Inc.

18 research Dr, Hampton VA 23666

(757) 766-2416 or (FAX) 757-766-9227


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