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Re: Defining an empty ICfxEvents

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thanks for your infinite patience.... that seems to work. Now,

in the vein of "having my cake, and eating it too"... can I use

ICfxEvents, and still use the event sink stuff available from the

Class Wizard??

I have a chart where I was catching the PaintMarker Event

through the regular VC++ Class Wizard event mechanism. If

I install a ICfxEvent handler (which I want to use to do some

generic stuff in a bunch of charts), that event no longer gets

called. Is there some return value I can use to tell the ICfxEvent

to pass the event along the chain and let my program handle it

in the Class Wizard Event Sink call?

Francisco Padron wrote in message ...



>You need to include CfxhEvents.h ONCE with "INITGUIDS.H" included.





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