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Color Change and Data Editor

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I'm using the 5.5 internet version of ChartFX.

Using the article on the website I was able to change the colors of some

datapoints in my graph with two series. However when the DataEditor is

displayed the colors on the boxes next to the column headers doesn't seem to

follow any pattern. It just alternates between the different colors I have

set for each series. Is there a way I can get these boxes to match the color

for my first series?

An image is provided below the point labeled C/O on the graph is at 10:09:00

AM. Notice how the color on the boxes in the dataeditor do not match what is

represented in the graph.

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The problem here is by coloring each point independently, the concept of

"color of a series" is lost.

The data editor will simply display the first <n> colors in the color array.

We have added a property in Chart FX 6 (for .NET) that allows you to hide

these color markers from the data editor.



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