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I would like to know if is possible to set the same color to differents

series of differents points.

When you create one graphic, default colors are set for the series. I know

is possible to change these colors, but I had some problem. My problem was

when I set the same color for differents series of differents points, the

color that was shown was with differents brightness and intensity.

Someone knows what I'm doing wrong?

My code is:

PointAttributes bluePoints = new PointAttributes(chart1);

bluePoints.Color = Color.Blue;

PointAttributes blackPoints = new PointAttributes(chart1);

blackPoints.Color = Color.Black;

PointAttributes brownPoints = new PointAttributes(chart1);

brownPoints.Color = Color.Brown;

chart1.Point[0,0] = blackPoints;

chart1.Point[0,1] = bluePoints;

chart1.Point[0,2] = blackPoints;

chart1.Point[0,3] = blackPoints;

chart1.Point[1,0] = brownPoints;

chart1.Point[1,1] = blackPoints;

chart1.Point[1,3] = brownPoints;

chart1.Point[2,0] = blackPoints;

chart1.Point[2,3] = blackPoints;

chart1.Point[3,0] = bluePoints;

Thank you

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I don't see anything wrong with this chart. The chart appears to have many

series yet you are setting the colors for only the first four (and for some

of the points only). So the other color are default, the color that are

setting to bluePoints, will be all blue.

I think you are confused about which points you are setting the colors to.

How many series/points this chart has ?



Software FX, Inc.

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Could you help me how can I set DataType's ?

I set it, but it is not right.



chart1.DataType[0] = DataType.Label;

chart1.DataType[1] = DataType.Value;

chart1.DataType[2] = DataType.Value;

chart1.DataType[3] = DataType.Value;

chart1.DataType[4] = DataType.Value;

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Gantt;

chart1.AxisY.DataFormat.Format = SoftwareFX.ChartFX.AxisFormat.DateTime;



About CrossTab data provider, where can I have more informations about it?



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