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Client hangs after upgrading to ChartFX IE 2000

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I recently upgraded to SoftwareFX ChartFX IE 2000 version

Following the upgrade, I changed two lines in the Output section of

CfxSrv.ini and they now read as:



After the upgrade and a subsequent reboot of the server, one of the reports

generated by the application would consistently hang, the systems were that

after a few seconds the browser status bar would state 'Opening page ...'

where ... was the correct name of the page. This specific report displays 5

separate charts. In an attempt to correct this problem, within the ASP

code, right after the GetHtmlTag that displays a chart I placed the

following line: "Response.Flush()". This corrected the problem with this

report, but confused me since this code has been running repeatedly and

successfully for the last year (prior to the upgrade).

I checked the other reports and found that I now have a sporadic problem on

all reports that display 2 or more charts AND I attempt to create more then

1 instance of a report from a single input screen (basically hitting a

button that says create chart more then 1 time). This is normal and

critical functionality for our application and effectively disables it when

it is not working. The symptom of the failure is the same as my original

problem (above), with the client / browser hanging with the Opening page

message in the status bar. I did attempt inserting the Response.Flush() in

the code that creates the other failing reports but it had no effect on

those reports. Once again, these reports have been running repeatedly and

successfully for the last year under earlier versions.

This failure occurs on both of my test client machines running Windows XP

SP1 and IE6. Oddly, the failure did not occur during testing when the

application was run on the Web Server itself which is Windows Server 2003.

I have no messages showing up in either the server or client event viewer,

so I have very little to go on. I have searched the Internet and these

forums, but do not see anything that might help me. I have gone to

http://support.softwarefx.com/samples/cfxie/activex/scroll.asp and can

successfully refresh that page without problems. When I went to that page

it did not download a newer version of the client (no ActiveX prompt

occurred). I can repeatedly create reports within my application if they

only contain 1 chart, the failure only occurs on reports that create 2 or

more charts.

I have attached a reports.zip file that includes a good report (returned

normally), a bad report (hangs client) and a diff or compare report showing

the differences which are very minimal and are also shown here.

Compare: (<)report_good.html (28678 bytes)

with: (>)report_bad.html (28678 bytes)


< <PARAM NAME="DATAPATH" VALUE="/cfxtemp/CFT0903_17534211A.chw">


> <PARAM NAME="DATAPATH" VALUE="/cfxtemp/CFT0903_17545234C.chw">


< <PARAM NAME="DATAPATH" VALUE="/cfxtemp/CFT0903_17534212A.chw">


> <PARAM NAME="DATAPATH" VALUE="/cfxtemp/CFT0903_17545235B.chw">

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts how I would go about debugging this

problem? I'm really stuck right now.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi again,

I'm still wishing/hoping for some guidance on this. Does anyone know if

there will be an upgrade to the current Perhaps that might

correct the problem?

Now if this was Microsoft I would assume that bugs had been introduced in to force me into a co$tly upgrade. :-) But the fact is I have

always had very good luck with SoftwareFX software and upgrade process and

while I'm disappointed I cannot resolve this problem without a retrofit I

still have high regards for SoftwareFX's technologies.

So, at this point I will have to reinstall SoftwareFX and then upgrade to

the version just prior to That will correct my problem, but that

seems odd. SoftwareFX ChartFX auto upgrade doesn't support this

backleveling so it will have to be manual (sigh).

Thank you.

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Hello again,

I uninstalled ChartFX IE 2000 from the server, then re-installed from the

original CD. I then applied the most recent upgrade that did not introduce

my error. After the upgrade, I was still showing as being at I

have no idea why.

I went ahead and tested anyway and... now it works as expected.

So, I really don't know what level I am at now, although when I check the

.dll it says, (although it shouldn't be after the uninstall /

upgrade to a lesser version).

No one helped, so I cannot say thank you, but I hope that this information

will somehow help anyone else that runs into thsi problem.

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