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Chart out of place and hidden when Prining & printpreview

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Using ChartFX Internet v5.5 my chart displayes corrcetly on screen, but when

I print it or perform a print preview it is move toward the top of the page

and hidden behind other elemnts.

This seems to be caused by the CHART_TRANSPARENT colour being set. The

example below is from the standard test case with the property set and some

text above the chart.

<html><body><P>Help, a what, little walk, do. Of you of you're on from try

walk to you're sing my think. The me no, little with lend me would sing i. I

your a, away of, by, with by your my help ears and sing friends with. It i

try worry get of help, little i it away sing my key do alone. By i'll little

what. Own are do and, with to, worry going going do when i would a. A, from

do tune alone a your worry away my do friends your how of, sing day. The

when stand.</p>


Const CHART_TRANSPARENT = 1073741824 ' from CfxIE.inc

Set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

Chart.RgbBk = CHART_TRANSPARENT ' RGB(255, 255,



<%= chart.GetHtmlTag(500,350) %>



Is there any fix for this? I have a customer that wants a customisavble

website and hard coding in the chart colour is not the direction I want to

go in.


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