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xml spot graphs and multiple data points for a single day

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Taking the only xml example given, how would i be able to produce a "spot"

graph with multiple data points for a single day. also, how would i be able

to produce a day in which for one of the items there is no data?

Thank you,



<PROP NAME="nSeries" VALUE="2"/>

<OBJECT NAME="Series(0)">

<PROP NAME="Gallery" VALUE="4" />


<OBJECT NAME="Series(1)">

<PROP NAME="Gallery" VALUE="1" />


<PROP NAME="DataType(0)" VALUE="3"/>

<PROP NAME="DataType(1)" VALUE="2"/>

<PROP NAME="DataType(2)" VALUE="2"/>



<COLUMN NAME="Date" TYPE="Date"/>

<COLUMN NAME="Q1" TYPE="Integer"/>

<COLUMN NAME="Q2" TYPE="Integer"/>


<ROW Date="01/01/02" Q1="9200" Q2="7835"/>

<ROW Date="01/01/02 Q1="9500"/>

// Q1 has 2 values for 01/01/02

<ROW Date="01/02/02" Q2="11233"/>

// only Q2 has values for 01/02/02

<ROW Date="01/03/02" Q1="12398" Q2="7654" />

<ROW Date="01/04/02" Q1="8742" Q2="12358" />

<ROW Date="01/05/02" Q1="15672" Q2="17529"/>

<ROW Date="01/06/02" Q1="6890" Q2="12389"/>

<ROW Date="01/07/02" Q1="11320" Q2="12908"/>



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