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we are currently looking if we are going to use the ActiveX with our future

Intranet product and so far it answers to every expectation except for one


We use columns chart. In the legend box I understood that you can display

the color of every colum value and I can dynamicly fill them with the array

MyChart.Legend(). It works fine with one serie, but when I want to add

another serie it displays only the number of legend equal to the number of

column in one serie. So let's say I have 4 columns and 2 series, and I fill

the Legend array up to the 8 values it shows only the first four. The weird

thing is if I use msgbox in my script to display all of the legend array it

does show them in the right way.

So what's wrong? How can I do it?

Thanks in advance

Francois Larouche

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