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AnnotateX.dll - Error Registering OCX

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Currently running web site with ChartFX IE2000 and

I have the following version client control: 4,5,15,2

(not running most recent release).

I have one client that is getting errors on an IE 5.5 client

running Windows 98 1st Edition. They say they are getting

Invalid page fault and other general errors but I know earlier

errors included a message on Windows boot stating an

Error loading/registering AnnotateX.dll, or OCX.

Is there a standard protocol that I could advise this client

to perform for a reinstall? Is it "uninstalling" the control from

the "C:\windows\downloaded programs" directory?

Should we search for AnnotateX.dll and remove it also?

Any advise would be appreciated -- Thanks Tom Yates

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