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ChartFX Internet server problems

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I'm having a problem where when I generate a chart using CFMX on a Windows

2000 box with IIS, and it seems to be hanging up while processing the data.

Typically when generating a chart I see the CPU load spike to about 30% very

briefly and then drop down again, however I'm having problems right now

where, the CPU goes up and never comes back down. If I close the browser it

doesn't seem to make a difference, the CPU runs at 30% indefinitely. After

that I can no longer restart IIS either.

There are no errors reported in the logs anywhere. It seems to be happening

with certain combinations of axis parameters that it doesn't like.

Everything had been running fine for a few weeks now, but all of a sudden I

started changing how the axises were working on one chart and now I'm having

these problems. If I set it back to the way I had it, everything is fine.

What I'm most concerned about is if there is a way to get ChartFX to stop

trying to process the request on the server other than rebooting the

machine? It certainly would make it easier to track down the cause of the



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