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The page returned to Netscape users (that instruct them to download

CfxIENP.exe) can be modified as it is shipped as part of the product. You

can give your users a link to the plugin DLLs (NpCfxIE.dll and SfxBar.dll)


- They have to copy them to the appropriate directory (Netscape plugins


- You should use the version of SfxBar installed by CfxIENP.exe since we

have an ANSI version and a UNICODE version

- They should be registered using regsvr32




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"tasha" <toverton@investmentscorecard.com> wrote in message


We have urlscan installed on our servers. Is there a way that users can

donload the control with a non .exe, .bat or .com application? Currently

they try to download CfxIENp.exe which our servers reject. Is there a way

for them to automatically download another type file, like the plug-ins?


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