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I have an xy chart with 365/6 points - one for each day of the year. CFXIE

insists on placeing labels at 30 day intervals, beginning with day 30, if i

assign the labels manually. This means that the end, rather than beginning

of months are labeled - and those inexactly. If i employ

.Axis(AXIS_X).Format = "DMMM" or .DateFormat = "DMMM", the initial day is

still excluded, and the points are still labeled at even intervals rather

than being broken up by months. The consequence is that my x axis receives

14 labels with two May's and two Oct's. I can vary the intervals and number

of labels by varying font sizes, but I have yet to get the first day of the

year , or indeed the first day of any month, accurately labeled. Is there a

means of overriding the software's "improved" algorythm wich selects which

data labels it will display? Alternatively, do you know of another solution

to my conundrum?


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