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Re: Draw a line from (X, Y) to (X, Y)

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Hello Kaj,

Drawing a line from one point to another can be accomplished using the

Annotation API. Annotation Extension can be used to add text,

arrows, different shapes and even images. Documentation is available in the

Annotation Objects Reference (API) Help included with

your ChartFX IE installation.

It is also possible to draw a constant line on either the X or Y Axis by

using the ConstantLine object, such as Y=15 to draw a

horizontal line on the Y Axis value of 15. It is also possible to create a

stripe, to specify a range on a chart. This stripe can

be vertical or horizontal and is created using the Stripe Object. Both are

documented in the ChartFX Programmers Guide.

Kind regards,

Rob Hendrix

SoftwareFX Support

"Kaj Visser" <kvisser@enixe.nl> wrote in message


> Is it possible to draw a line (with no data behind it) from one point to

> antoher?


> Thanks,

> Kaj Visser



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