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Re: Choosing the color of transparency ?

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Hello Jie,

When creating a transparent image you should OR the CHART_TRANSPARENT

constant with a color so that we can use that color if the image format does

not support transparency (e.g. JPEG) or if the browser does not support


chart.RGBBk = CHART_TRANSPARENT Or RGB(192,192,192)

For more information regarding this topic, please feel free to consult our

Knowledge base sample at the following URL:


Kind Regards,

Rob Hendrix

Softwarefx Support

"Jie ZHANG" <jie-zhang@harvest.fr> wrote in message


> By default, the ''color'' of transparency is black

> (Chart FX: const CHART_TRANSPARENT = &H40000000&

> as defined in the CfxIE.inc file)


> For PNG images, this color appears when the viewer (for example,

> Netscape 4.x browsers, or editing it with Paint Shop Pro)

> doesn't support transparency.


> We would like to create transparent images with a custom color

> for transparency (Internet Explorer would see it as a transparent image,

> and for Netscape, this image would blend more or less with our

> chosen background)


> We have changed the value of this const in the CfxIE.inc file but

> it doesn't work, and the transparency color is still black. Is there

> a way to change this transparency color (to red, purple, etc.)?


> Thanks!


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> Tour Galli

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