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Re: Losing Lines with 2 Y-Axis

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for some reason you cannot mix graphs that way. What you can have is a group

of bars, followed by a group of lines.

But if you have some bars, then some lines and some bars again, the chart

gets confused.

I'm glad that you too have found this problem, since I reported it some

weeks (or even month) ago, but so far no answer from SFX.

Sorry about your deadline, since this is a bug in the control. What you can

do is re-ordering your series, so that you have first all your bars, and

then all your lines. this should work.


Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks Ltd.

London / UK

"- -" <westsys@hotmail.com> wrote in message


> Hi Gang,


> I'm using the ChartFX IE2000 to create .jpg charts. One currently is mixed

> with bar & lines, alternating. The lines are on the second y-axis. What's

> happening is that the lines for the second y-axis are disappearing. If I

> change lines to bars, all the series show up, but the lines seem to be

> overlapping each other somehow.


> Attached are some examples...they are 3d, but charts exhibit same behavior

> 2d.


> Any ideas?! Working against a deadline here.


> Thanks.







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