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Re: Reusing charts

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Dear Eugene:

You may want to use the Expoprt Method to save charts already created and

pulled them out from a different directory (other than cfxtemp) with the

Import method.

Eugene Hertz <eugene.hertz@thepit.com> wrote in message


> Hi there..


> We are generating stock price charts, say IBM last 30 days..This chart


> not change for the entire day. I know that the first time someone creates

> this chart it will live in chartfxtemp directory.


> Here's my question...I would like for the next person who also requests


> same exact chart to get the version already living in the temp


> it possible for chartfx to realize the chart is already present in the


> dir and send it instead of creating a new one?


> Thanks

> Eugene

> PS using win2000 and chartfx2000



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