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I'm trying to do a quick evaluation of this product, and the main reason I'm

interested is because of the ability for the client to copy and paste the

chart or data into other applications. The samples at

http://www.softwarefx.com/CfxIE/Samples/ have very neat right-click menus

which let you copy either data or bitmap and I'm really struggling to

recreate this using the demo version. In the examples, the view switches

between graph and data, and I see the newer version can display both, but

can it still switch instead if desired?

In the ChartFX Programmers Guide help app, only the larger, bolder

hyperlinks work, so I can't navigate to any of the smaller, non-bold items,

including the one I really want to see - the list of pre-defined commands.

I've tried modifying the toolbar to include 'copy' and remove all but the

data editor view using the commands tab in the ChartFX properties dialogue

box, but if I remove more than a couple of items, when the chart is saved

and viewed in an asp page, the complete toolbar is displayed.

If I can get it to work how I think it's supposed to, I'll definitely be

buying it - so what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any assistance


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