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ChartFX IE 2000 - Upside down graphs

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I'll load the data for a line graph with one series with the following


1/16 0:00 through 1/16 7:45 for the X-Axis and the Y-Axis will have values

between 82.00 and 212.00. When the graph is displayed the graph is

inverted. With the X-Axis labels being on the top of the graph,

interferring with the title and the Y-Axis values are from 212.00 to 82.00

from bottom to top. This happens occationally and what the problem is here

is this, the graph should put the X-Axis label on the bottom and the values

for the Y-Axis should be from 82.00 going up to 212.00, but it doesn't.

None of the examples in either the API or Programmer's Guide show any graphs

inverted and as far as I can tell there isn't any property to deal with

this. I don't want the graphs to be produced this way. Any suggestions?



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