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Re: SerLeg and Axis.Step with Arrays

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You may find it easier to walk through the recordset stuffing the data

points into the chart. For a single chart, you can do it in one pass with a

firehose cursor.

George Gadbois

"Tony Arnett" <tarnett@sir-inc.com> wrote in message


> I have resolved the difficulty with feeding data to the array (as a note

> to others, the CfxArray will not accept arrays that have been filled

> with the GetRows ADO command - I suspect because GetRows returns a

> multi-dimensional array even if you have only 1 field in the ResultSet).


> However, I cannot seem to get the SerLeg property to work with a chart

> that uses the CfxArray.


> Here is the code:

> Chart1.serleg(0) = "Signal Returns"

> Chart1.serleg(1) = "At-Any-Time Returns"


> (There are two series for this chart, plus the X-Axis series)


> Similarly, in trying to step the tick marks on the Axis (NOT the markers

> in the data series), it's not working, either. Here is that code:

> Chart1.Axis(2).ScaleUnit = 1

> Chart1.Axis(2).Step = 5


> Any ideas? Do these properties work when you use an array to fill the

> chart? Is there any secret to the sequencing of these commands (i.e.

> like you can only use the serleg property AFTER you've used the

> SerLegBoxObj, etc.)


> Thanks.

> Tony Arnett



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