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Re: Legend colors do not match in multiplecolors bubble chart

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The Bubbles in Bubble charts are created using two series, not one, for

every variable we want to plot. Therefore, in the array of colors, there are

two positions for each bubble, you must then allocate double the number of

colors (Number_Of_Series * Number_Of_Points) and assigns the color for each

bubble every two indexes (0,2,4,...), same for the series legend.

Note: The data editor however will not be able to match the colors since

there are no unique colors for each column. For more information please

visit this link.



Percy Dyer

Software FX, Inc.

Dave Etter <detter@chpsconsulting.com> wrote in message


> I am creating a BUBBLE chart that displays a "numeric index" on the


> a "numeric index" on the y-axis, and a "numeric count" as the volume or

> second y-axis. Using the ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(j) property, I set a

> "text description" for the bubble points which are then displayed in the

> legend. When I turn on MultipleColors the Legend colors do not match the

> Bubble point colors. Am I doing something wrong?


> Dave



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