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Y axis scale setting

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For the max and min property of the Y axis, I want to manually set the min

property to a value, but leave the max property to autoscale, how do I do


My code is as followed:

if not isnull(lGraphInstanceMin) then

objChart.axis(AXIS_Y).min = lGraphInstanceMin


objChart.axis(AXIS_Y).min = 0

end if

if not isnull(lGraphInstanceMax) then

objChart.axis(AXIS_Y).max = lGraphInstanceMax


'objChart.axis(AXIS_Y).max = NULL this line does not work !!

objChart.axis(AXIS_Y).autoscale = true 'auto scale, !!! no good,

lost min value!!!!

end if

As you can see from the comment, "objChart.axis(AXIS_Y).autoscale = true"

statement just autoscaled the whole graph, the value I set to the min

property was lost !!

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hui Lin

Rocla, Australia

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