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Your first idea is the correct one. Your video settings will determine the range of colors you can use for image generation. I have copied a small portion from the ChartFX Internet Edition help file that speaks about this topic.


In your development machine, you have setup the tools required to create a visually appealing web site. Specially, your video card has been set to True Color (32-Bit Color). When developing your ASP page, you can set millions of solid colors to the chart.

However, when you setup your server, you did not intend this server to be used for browsing or developing. Therefore, you left the standard Windows NT settings which included a video card setting of 256 colors.

When the ASP code runs, it creates a chart and starts setting the properties to the chart (This happens on the server), when a color property is set, Windows automatically dithers the color if it doesn't find a solid color for it. So when you receive a chart in the browser (even though the browser is setup in True Color), you're not getting the same colors that you apply in the development machine.

The suggested video card settings on your server depends on how you are producing charts:

Use True Color (24-BIT COLOR) if you are using special palettes or not browser friendly palettes or if you are not sure what colors are browser friendly. This will allow your server to create charts that accommodate your original page design. Plus it will enhance performance as Chart FX will not need to match a pattern to a color set in the chart. If your server is very chart intensive, this setting will greatly enhance the server performance.

Use 256-Colors if you are using browser friendly palettes. Performance-wise if you are generating palletized PNG images (ImgColors = 256) you will get better performance if the server runs at 256 colors.


Justin Trask

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From: Katherine Yang [mailto:kyang@cyveillance.com]

Posted At: Friday, November 03, 2000 8:58 AM

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Conversation: Chart color problem

Subject: Chart color problem

Hi All:

I am experiencing problems with color generation in my charts. I created a

replica of everything I have on another web server for backup purposes, but

when I go to look at the backup Web pages, the colors look awful on them

(see below for comparison). My only thought on that is my backup server has

a color palette of 16 colors, whereas my original has 655536 colors, but

that doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone please explain?





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