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First make sure that you have included the cfxie.inc file where the constants are defined. PointLabelAlign will not center the pointlabel along the entire bar but only at the top portion of the bar where the actual marker exists. You can see this more clearly if you temporarily switch the gallery for the chart to a scatter rather than a bar. If you want to have more control of where text is placed in your chart then you could use annotation text objects to place labels where ever you want.

Justin Trask

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From: Katherine Yang [mailto:kyang@cyveillance.com]

Posted At: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 10:35 AM

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Conversation: PointLabelAlign Issue

Subject: PointLabelAlign Issue

Hi All:

I am trying to make a horizontal stacked bar chart (see below). Everything

looks pretty good, but I can't get the pointLabels to center in their

respective colors. No matter what I do, they keep aligning to the right.

Can anyone please offer me some suggestions on how to get them to center?



// 'General Settings'

chtSentiment.TypeMask = HORIZONTAL_BAR_CHT;

chtSentiment.Stacked = 2;

chtSentiment.RgbBk = cWHITE;

chtSentiment.BorderStyle = BORDER_NONE;

chtSentiment.BorderColor = cWHITE;

chtSentiment.BottomGap = 0;

chtSentiment.TopGap = 0;

chtSentiment.RightGap = 10;

// 'Axis Settings'

chtSentiment.Axis(0).Decimals = 0;

chtSentiment.Axis(0).Style = NO_LABEL;

chtSentiment.Axis(2).TickMark = 0;

chtSentiment.Axis(0).GridColor = cWHITE;

chtSentiment.Axis(2).GridColor = cWHITE;

// 'Label Settings'

chtSentiment.PointLabels = 1;

chtSentiment.PointLabelsFont.Name = "Arial";

chtSentiment.PointLabelsFont.Size = 8;

chtSentiment.PointLabelsFont.Weight = 700;

chtSentiment.PointLabelAlign = LA_BASELINE | LA_LEFT;

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