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Popup tooltips

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I am generating a picture. The target environment is a webpart inside 

Sharepoint 2007.

Do you recommend me to use the .Net client control...

Any concerns with a approach like this as there will be a lot of users...


Magnus Salgo

"Software FX" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Are you using the .NET client control or are you generating an image?


> --

> Francisco Padron

> www.chartfx.com

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No. You can achieve this with an image. The reason I asked is because the 

solution for one is quite different than the other.

When using images, we allow you to customize the tooltip action by allowing

you to define your own script that will run when the tooltip is to be shown.

You need to write two JavaScript functions:

function popupon (tooltip)



function popupoff ()



In these functions you can perform your own action for when the tooltip is

shown and when it is closed.

In order to enable this behavior you need to set ImageSettings.ToolTips =


For more details please look in the API documentation under ImageSettings

class, ToolTips property.


Francisco Padron


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Once you create the two javascript functions, do they have access to any chart API? For example, if I wanted to do something in the chart when a hover event occurs (i.e. remove a tooltip for a line but leave it on the point in a line chart) would that be possible? Using image render format.




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There is no Chart object in the client when you generate an image.

You do receive the string to display as a parameter to your popupon function. You can parse that string and determine whether it is for one value (e.g. 98.56) or two values (78.45 - 98.56).


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Well, I did find that the function can also receive an "event" parameter which does give some access to the HTML that creates the chart. In particular the image map. So, in the function I can check to see what kind of shape is used by the map and show or not show the tooltip based on that. This pretty much does what I had mentioned in the example before where I can disable tooltips for a line but leave them for the point in the line chart.

Thanks anyway.




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I am currently rendering the chart in .NET rendering mode. The javascript methods that were mentioned in the earlier posts for chart images - how could thye be used with a .NET rendering mode. For eg - If some additional infromation needs to be shown fo a datapoint, on the mousehover event. Thanks 

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