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Re: Clustering Z axis in area charts

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This is right, it becomes quit unreadable if you have unclustered area


But then why does setting a single series to bar (for instance) immediatly

resets the chart to be not clustered? This makes exactly what you dont

want - an unclustered area chart.


Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks London

"Justin Trask" <JustinT@softwarefx.com> wrote in message



Area charts are clustered by definition. The reason is that you can not

have 2 area charts sitting side by side.

Justin Trask

Software FX

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Conversation: Clustering Z axis in area charts

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well, now I can re-enable it - do not know why it has been disabled


But still it is a bit confusing why it resets the clustering bit if you

choose an area chart (automatically clusters the axis) and setting a


series to bar then unclusters it immediately.

Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks London

"Stephan Klaffer" <stephan.klaffer@decisionworks.co.uk> wrote in message


> Hello,


> why can't I cluster the Z axis if I have an area chart?


> This is especially confusing if I have mixed charts. Assuming a bar



> can set a series to have an area style, and I can still cluster the Z


> But having an area chart, I can set the gallery of a series to be a


> chart, but this will not cluster the Z axis any more, and I cannot


> it using the dialogs.


> Any advise on this is appreciated.


> Stephan Klaffer

> DecisionWorks London





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