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Re: ChartFX 2000 IE Printing issue

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WE have had various reports from other users that this is a problem but do

not know what specific printers they are using. I noticed something in the

list of fixes in the service pack on your support site that seems to address

a similar issue. I am attaching a png file for you. Thanks for any help.

Bill Brockschmidt

Sligo Computer Services.

Juan C. Cegarra <JuanC@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


Have you tried multiple printers ?

Does this problem occurs with JPEG images ?

Can you send us one of your PNG images so that we can test on other HP

printers (we have a 4050 but I don't think we have a 4000).


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: Bill [mailto:bill@sligowebworks.com]

Posted At: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 12:19 PM

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Conversation: ChartFX 2000 IE Printing issue

Subject: ChartFX 2000 IE Printing issue

We are experiencing problems printing server side .png graph images

generated through ASP. IE 5 prints them with black backgrounds on an HP

Laserjet 4000 printer. Does anyone know if this is some problem with a

browser setting or a larger issue?


Bill Brockschmidt


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