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RE: Toolbars noot appearing on charts

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If the toolbar does not appear it is a typical sign that our server component is generating images instead of an ActiveX control. Please make sure that the user impersonated by IIS have write permissions in the CfxIE\Config folder.

About the service pack. You can reregister in your server (so that the cookie is resent to your server) or press the download button in your machine and run the self-extracting executable in your server (please make sure you check all the components before downloading the service pack)


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: Tom Raftery [mailto:tom@zenith.ie]

Posted At: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 7:55 AM

Posted To: Server

Conversation: Toolbars noot appearing on charts

Subject: Toolbars noot appearing on charts

We have deployed a CFXIE2000 server on a windows 2000 Server. Our code

returns graphs with toolbars in test on our in-house dev server (NT4 SP4).

When we move the asp pages to our W2K server the graphs appear fine but the

toolbars are missing?

Also, I registered the product from my own PC and can't now download the

server service pack onto the server because it won't let me logon from the

server to the support pages (no cookie I presume).





Tom Raftery


Unit 6, 4 Dean Street, Cork, Ireland.

Phone: +353-87-2506527

web: www.realcork.com

email: tom.raftery@realcork.com

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