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FYI. After searching for a SQL query way to do this, I found one way to do

the running total:

SELECT r1.PriceDate, r1.PricePercentChange, sum(r2.PricePercentChange) AS


FROM tblPrice AS r1, tblPrice AS r2

WHERE r2.PriceDate <= r1.PriceDate

GROUP BY r1.PriceDate, r1.PricePercentChange

ORDER BY r1.PriceDate;


Juan C. Cegarra wrote in message


ChartFX does not have built-in accumulation functionality and as far as

I know this cannot be easily done in a simple SQL statement.

You will have to develop a stored procedure that returns the accumulated

data or loop through the recordset inside your ASP page.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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Conversation: Accumulating Values

Subject: Accumulating Values

I'm fairly new with ChartFX IE 2000, but not new to ASP or COM.

I have a need to graph some stock information where the data is stored

as a

percentage change from the last day (in a database). So for example,


data might look like:

PriceDate PriceSymbol PricePercentChange

02-Jan-90 SPY 0.002592262

03-Jan-90 SPY 0.008687829

04-Jan-90 SPY 0.009852357

05-Jan-90 SPY -0.004494191

08-Jan-90 SPY 0.011927235

09-Jan-90 SPY 0.006651119

In the graph, I would like to display the "PricePercentChange" as it


In other words:

02-Jan-90 SPY 0.002592262

03-Jan-90 SPY 0.011280091

04-Jan-90 SPY 0.021132448

05-Jan-90 SPY 0.016638257

08-Jan-90 SPY 0.028565492

09-Jan-90 SPY 0.035216611

Is there anything in ChartFX IE 2000 that provides functionality to have


accumulate values? If not, is there a SQL query way to do this (most


expressions seem to treat each record as an island)? If not, am I stuck

looping through the recordset and doing the calculations in ASP?



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