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Re: force the width of bar; set different colors in a series

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I'll answer this for myself, but I'd still like an answer to my previous

question (how can we detect errors in ChartFX and handle them ourselves?)

for question 1 use: chart.volume = xxx%

for question 2 do something like the following:

chart.MultipleColors = True

Dim nNumPoints

nNumPoints = chart.nValues

For j=0 To (nNumPoints - 1)

chart.Color(j) = CHART_PALETTECOLOR Or j


"scott winterstein" <scott@paramark.com> wrote in message


> I have 2 questions:

> 1) given a bar chart with 1 series how can I force the width (not height)


> the bar to be say 10 pixels or better yet, say 25% of the possible graph.

> An example problem is included in the figure below, here the number of


> is determined at run-time, if only one or two values exist then the bars


> very fat and look ugly.


> 2) I have another bar chart that has 1 series, n (multiple) bars and I


> to designate the color of each bar, how to do this. I can instead have n

> series, with 1 bar each, but how do I manually put tick and labels on each

> one?



> Figure:





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