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Chart_ML and GetHTMLTag

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Hello All: 

I have two questions:

1>. I am using ChartFX 3.5 for my asp and it does not have

any Active X involved. if I use

<%=chart.GetHTMLTag(500,300)%> in my MS- IE 5.0 browser, I

can not see any graph but a empty frame with a little symbol

in the left hand corner. However, if I say

<%=chart.GetHTMLTag(500,300,"Jpeg")%> I can view my chart.

It works OK in Netscape browser either way. I read the book

and include the license declaration <object> </Object> at

the beginning. and that doesn't help either. Please help...

2>. I want to resize my legend box to two or three lines at

the bottom of my chart. according to the help sample,

chart.toolsize(1)=chart_ml(0,50) is the command to do that.

However, the error message is: 'CHART_ML type mis-match' . I

then looked for info for chart_ml. and no information can be

found anywhere. Please help...

Thank you very much for helping me on my previous question

and thank you in advance for these two! please cc answer to



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