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RE: Change Properties of Chart w/o Temporary File

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Please note that many of the chart settings will usually be done at the server level (such as connecting the chart to a recordset, etc.) in the ChartObject.asp page.

If you need to use client-side scripting you can write scripts that modify Chart1, please note that these scripts will only work in Internet Explorer


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: Gary Ray [ mailto:gray@state.ut.us]

Posted At: Friday, July 28, 2000 4:44 PM

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Conversation: Change Properties of Chart w/o Temporary File

Subject: Change Properties of Chart w/o Temporary File

I have followed the sample code to create a object without using a temporary

file as follows

<!-- #include virtual="/Include/CfxIE.inc" -->

<OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:21F49842-BFA9-11d2-A89C-00104B62BDDA"


WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="350" ID="Chart1"



<PARAM NAME="LICENSE" VALUE="/license/CfxIE.lic">


<EMBED type=chart/chartfxie width="500" height="350" name="Chart1"

PLUGINSPAGE=/download/NpCfxIE.htm PluginVersion="4,5,14,0"






Is there anyway to maipulate the properties of the chart via the web page

now? We would like to be able to toggle props on and of, as well as change

the recordset for the chart. I know I can right-clik and use the menu, but

everything I have tried from the web results in a "object required" error.


Gary Ray

Application Developer

DWS-LMI Software Development

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