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Re: ChartFX IE: HLC, Ado and multitype graph problem

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Sorry about the double post... I hit "send" by mistake... now to the 


I've been trying the ChartFX IE trial version with ASP and ADO. I'm plotting

HLC and OHLC charts using my dataset.

When I try to chart a mutlitype graph, it wont work with ADO directly, I

have to loop manually and insert the data into ChartFX. My code is as

follows (simplified):

the SQL statement:

strSQL = "SELECT Date, High, Close, Low, Volume, Comparison FROM table

WHERE.... "

rsChart1.Open strSql, "DSN=dbChartData;"

Chart1.Gallery = 9

Chart1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 5, 1

Chart1.CloseData COD_VALUES

Chart1.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS, 5, 0

Chart1.Color(HLC_LOW) = colChart ' Low

Chart1.Color(HLC_HIGH) = colChart ' High

Chart1.Color(HLC_CLOSE) = colChart ' Close

Chart1.Series(3).Gallery = BAR

Chart1.Series(4).Gallery = LINE

Chart1.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS, 5, 0

Chart1.AdoResultSet rsChart1

This fails miserably. Only one line plots, (Series 4, I think), and when I

try to use the ActiveX chart to view the data, IE5 crashes.

The simple HLC works fine, though, using the select statement as:

strSQL = "SELECT Date, High, Close, Low FROM table WHERE.... "

and similar code to above to define the chart.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Boris D.

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