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Re: *** Dual Y axises and 4 series ***

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Thank you Juan. I guess my question should be how can I assign more than one 

series to one Y-Axis (two series to each Y-Axis). I am not using any Active

X. it seems that wouldn't work if I can say:

set chart=Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

Chart.ADOResultset rstTrend

chart.MultiType(0)=xxx ---> 'for 'line and dot' type

chart.MultiType(1)=xxx ---> 'for 'line and dot' type

chart.MultiType(2)=yyy ---> 'for 'bar' type

chart.MultiType(3)=yyy ---> 'for 'bar' type

chart.MultiYAxis(0)=1 ---> ' assign 2nd series to left Y-Axis

chart.MultiYAxis(0)=2 ---> ' assign 3rd series to left Y-Axis

chart.MultiYAxis(1)=3 ---> ' assign 4th series to right Y-Axis

chart.MultiYAxis(1)=4 ---> ' assign 5th series to right Y-Axis


What did I do wrong? I guess that is what I am actually looking for. Thank

you for you attention.


Juan Cegarra wrote:

> To have multiple Y axes you will need to use the MultiYaxis property

> To have multiple gallery types you will need to use the MultiType

> property


> Both of these properties should be set after the data has been passed to

> the chart.


> Regards,


> Juan Cegarra

> Software FX, Inc.

> http://support.softwarefx.com


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> From: Yang Xie [ mailto:yxie@ziplink.net]

> Posted At: Thursday, July 27, 2000 5:45 PM

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> Conversation: *** Dual Y axises and 4 series ***

> Subject: *** Dual Y axises and 4 series ***


> Hello all:


> I have a .asp page displaying a chart. I am using chart FX

> IE 3.5. My recordset contains 5 columns and 12 rows. 1st

> column is for X-axis, 2nd and 3rd are percentage and I would

> like to use 'line and dot' and use left Y axis for these TWO

> series. the 3rd and 4th series are quantities. and I would

> like to use bar chart and right Y axis to represent these

> TWO series. How can I do this? could any one please shed

> some lights on this one? Eventually the chart should look

> like 2 color of lines and 2 sets of color bars. I looked all

> the helps and still don't know what to do. please, please

> help...


> Thank you so much!


> ---yang

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