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RE: manipulate bar chart cosmetics

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>> Can I display the title in 2 lines or more and how to do it? 

Embed Chr(13)+Chr(10) between the lines.

>> The axis-Y2 numbers did not appear at the top of the chart.

Chart.Axis(AXIS_Y2).Visible = True

>> Can I change the color of the fonts on the legend on each of the bar series?

No. You can control the color of the font in the legend window but only one color can be assigned

Also the color of the any axis labels can be controlled but only one color can be used.

>> I would like to show the (a)line border for the bar chart, but it does not appear

Use the border, either globally or per series.

>> the point label is not marked in the middle of the bar, although I use LA_CENTER

In a horizontal bar chart the position of the label (left,center or right) is relative to the "top" of the bar so there is no way to paint the labels in the middle of the bar.

>> I would like to put the actual value at the end of

>> bar or middle even when the bar is truncated, is it possible?

No, this is not possible.

I think the cleaner way to fix this issue and the previous one would be to use the Annotation API to create as many text objects are required. They would be "attached" to the middle of the bar.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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Thanks for the reply on the bar chart Bkcolor issue

unfortunately, I have a few more things to ask because i am confuse how

to use it

Please look at case # (I enclosed a picture, below this page)

1) Can I display the title in 2 lines or more and how to do it? (I use

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