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RE: Total/Average Column in a Bar Chart

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If your chart is being created with 2 series and 6 points you will want to create it with 2 series and 7 points (if I understood you correctly when you said "add a 7th column").

You may want to post a bitmap of how your chart looks now and how do you want it to look.


Juan Cegarra

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From: Ray Liu [ mailto:ray@aldouslamb.com]

Posted At: Thursday, June 15, 2000 7:15 AM

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Conversation: Total/Average Column in a Bar Chart

Subject: Total/Average Column in a Bar Chart

I am producing a stacked bar chart with 6 positve and negatives values. I

was wondering if there is a way to add a 7th column to show the overall

average of the six columns.

Im passing data through into 2 series at the moment, and I tried to

implement a 3rd, giving only the 7th column a value. The problem with this

was the other 2 series expect a value for the 7th column as well as well as

the 3rd series expecting something values for the first 6 columns!

Im a newbie to ChartFX and CFXIE, so forgive me if my approach was a bit

unintelligent. Any sugguestions/tips/help would be much appreciated!

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